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Storage liners

TenCate also supplies storage liners. The TenCate Nicolon Nicotarp 100, for example, is a durable geomembrane, made from a coated polyethylene reinforcement fabric. Wherever water or other liquids have to be stored, TenCate Nicolon liners offer a simple, but effective solution.

This product has proven to be a light, strong and durable liner. Custom size panels can be welded in line with your requirements. After welding, a folding plan is made to assist you in the installation of the liner. A specified dropping point will make sure you unfold the liner first time right. If preferred you can specify the dropping yourselves.

Construction liners

TenCate supplies construction liners which can be used as an impermeable membrane to prevent leakage from tunnels, bunkers or other composting systems. Often used in civil engineering projects and well known and accepted worldwide.

Panels can be welded to any size in line with your requirements. For reinforcement purposes during construction activities TenCate also supplies geotextiles in many strengths, weights and thickness.

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Composting and Mushroom Cultivation

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Use instructions on Nicolon glide nets

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Use instructions on Nicolon growing nets

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Use instructions on Nicolon tunnel nets

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