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Flooring systems - dairy farming industry

Create low emission freestall floors with TenCate flooring components. Breathable flooring for extra cow comfort, excellent grip and high chemical resistance.

Agriculture · Coated · Comfort · Composites · Drainage · Environmental · Filtration · Livestock farming · Nicolon · Protection · Sealing · Woven

Nicolon black out screens

Nicolon black out screens combines total black out with excellent energy saving for green houses.

Agriculture · Covering · Horticulture · Nicolon · Protection · Woven

Water storage & construction liners

Light, strong and durable. Wherever water or other liquids have to be stored, TenCate Nicolon liners offer a simple, effective and leak-free solution.

Agriculture · Coated · Composites · Covering · Environmental · Mushroom farming · Nicolon · Protection · Sealing

Hygiene floor mats - Nicolon

The TenCate Nicolon hygiene mat is the perfect solution for places with a high level of hygiene. The mat is easy to clean and ultra strong for sustainability.

Agriculture · Coated · Composites · Covering · Environmental · Mushroom farming · Nicolon · Protection · Sealing

Manure basin prefabricated covers

Sustainable, cost effective and worry free manure cover systems made of quality silos materials. The pre-assembled parts make installation quick and easy.

Agriculture · Coated · Composites · Covering · Environmental · Livestock farming · Nicolon · Protection · Sealing

Heat retention (thermal) pool covers

Cover your pool when it's not in use to reduce heating costs. TenCate Nicolon offers coated, water impermeable covers and special heat retention thermal covers.

Coated · Composites · Covering · Environmental · Leisure · Nicolon · Protection · Recreation · Swimming pool

Manure storage liners - storage capacity

Made of polyolefins, reinforced membrane with bi-axial strength, durable, UV-stability, high resistance against chemicals, no softeners, environmental friendly.

Agriculture · Coated · Composites · Covering · Environmental · Livestock farming · Nicolon · Protection · Sealing

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