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Drainage & Filtration fabrics

As a global leader in industrial fabrics, TenCate has a wide range of industrial fabrics to offer including products for the drainage and filtration market.

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Flooring fabrics

Utilized throughout the world, our fabrics are used in a wide variety of applications including fabrics used for flooring purposes.

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Landfill capping materials - Nicolon

The lightweight, durable Nicolon membranes prevent odour pollution. The gasses given off by the waste are intercepted by the membrane and vented off.

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Hygiene floor mats - Nicolon

The TenCate Nicolon hygiene mat is the perfect solution for places with a high level of hygiene. The mat is easy to clean and ultra strong for sustainability.

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Water storage - basins, lagoons & ponds

TenCate supplies Nicolon membranes in welded panels, ready for installation. The panels have a strong, waterproof seal and are designed tailor-made.

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Crop clearance fabrics

Nicolon crop clearance fabrics combine light weight with high strength, which facilitates easy and fast cleaning of crop.

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Automotive fabrics

TenCate Industrial Fabrics is a leading manufacturer of woven, nonwoven and knitted specialty materials, including fabrics used for automotive applications.

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Flooring systems - dairy farming industry

Create low emission freestall floors with TenCate flooring components. Breathable flooring for extra cow comfort, excellent grip and high chemical resistance.

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Manure basin prefabricated covers

Sustainable, cost effective and worry free manure cover systems made of quality silos materials. The pre-assembled parts make installation quick and easy.

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Industrial containment materials

We develop and supply strong, durable membranes for construction. Control nuclear waste and meet hazardous and chemical materials containment regulations.

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Water storage & construction liners

Light, strong and durable. Wherever water or other liquids have to be stored, TenCate Nicolon liners offer a simple, effective and leak-free solution.

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Nicolon water & liquid membranes

We manufacture and supply strong, durable, lightweight and flexible geomembranes. The polyethylene liners are also completely environmentally-friendly.

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Manure storage liners - storage capacity

Made of polyolefins, reinforced membrane with bi-axial strength, durable, UV-stability, high resistance against chemicals, no softeners, environmental friendly.

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Heat retention (thermal) pool covers

Cover your pool when it's not in use to reduce heating costs. TenCate Nicolon offers coated, water impermeable covers and special heat retention thermal covers.

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Liquid floating covers - Nicolon

Sustainable and cost effective floating cover Nicolon membranes reduce ammoniac emissions, and prevent rainwater to mix with your manure and odours to escape.

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Our capabilities that meet your needs

Our vast line of synthetic specialty products consists of polypropylene, polyester and PVC coated polyester, polyethylene and polyethylene coated fabrics.

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