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The Toptex protection fabric safely protects the high value of a sugar beet harvest by keeping any negative influence of frost at bay. Toptex fabrics can be easily installed and placed either manually or via dedicated machinery on the sugar beet harvest during the external storage time on the fields.

After a successful installation, the high quality of the Toptex fabrics safely protect sugar beets from the negative influence of frost and the thereof resulting perpetuation of quality. With a well-adjusted Toptex protection fabric, the resulting secure coverage prevents a loss in volume of the sugar beet harvest due to snow and frost potentially decreasing the production outcome if the beets would remain uncovered in harsh winter weather conditions.

Furthermore, a secure coverage ensures the continuously high quality of the sugar beets by increasing also the sugar content of the beets. Toptex fabrics can be easily de-covered via machinery maintaining their product characteristics resulting in re-usability for at least 5 years or more.

Main benefits

The Toptex protection fabric for sugar beets can therefore be described as the ideal solution to protect the harvest from rain and frost. It continuously provides optimum aeration of the pile while levelling out temperature differences that could otherwise affect the quality of the sugar beets. In short, a higher yield of the harvest is achieved by reducing the mass and sugar losses, leading to cleaner beets with less soil content to be cleaned off.

Furthermore, the Toptex protection fabric for sugar beets has a proven high stability to wind impact and comes with ease of handling for the installation.

The Toptex protection fabric for sugar beets cover protection is made from continuous polypropylene filament in white, 110 g/m2 (3.2 oz/yd2) and available in the following sizes:

  • 4.9 x 50 m (5.4 x 55 yd)
  • 12.4 x 35m (13.6 x 38.3 yd)

Convert these sizes easily to other units using this calculator.

With a 4.9m wide roll it is possible to cover 100 to 120 metric tons of sugar beet and with the 12.4 even 200 to 220 metric tons of harvested sugar beet.

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Toptex Sugar Beet Protection Cover

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