Storing and saving of water (and other liquids) is becoming more important worldwide. We cannot afford anymore to waste it due to leakage or evaporation and need to find ways to increase the efficiencies.

Stricter environmental policies also enforce companies to cover certain liquids against e.g. air pollution. TenCate has a long history in this application field. Our reinforced geomembranes are used in a wide variations of applications to handle and manage liquids. From thin and light to thick and robust geomembranes, TenCate has the solution for your need.

TenCate Nicolon Geomembranes

TenCate manufactures and offers High-Grade membranes for storage, covering, capping and proofing applications. Strong, flexible and durable polyolefin products, factory welded to almost any size for easy installation.

Wherever a membrane is needed, TenCate has the solution!

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