The world is getting smaller, but our ideas are only getting bigger. This reality forces us to face facts. We only have one world! A world that we want to enjoy for a long time and therefore we have to take care of it. As manufacturer of Industrial Fabrics, we are working on sustainability within our processes and products for years already. We acknowledge the facts and want to contribute to a better world.

Unique product features

Industrial fabrics have unique features that makes they can be used in various markets. Where other synthetic products are often made to be disposable, our products are a long-term investment with a versatile character. It’s not only the long lifespan of these products, but also the innovative applications that ensure less unnecessary pollution. For example, our mushroom fabrics contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions and waste in the food industry. The protection of buildings and houses with our hurricane fabric is also one of the many sustainable applications.

Full compliance

In addition to the use of our products we are always critical when it comes to the process. We are committed to ensure that all our factories and facilities are in full compliance with environmental regulations. You can be assured that we are doing our utmost to operate in a manner that protects the environment. Furthermore, we take the health and safety of our employees and the users of our products very serious.

Share knowledge

At TenCate Industrial Fabrics we believe we are on the right track, but we’re always open for more ideas from like-minded suppliers, partners and customers to accompany us on our journey. Our experience shows that many applications of industrial fabrics contribute to lowering pollution, less waste and a longer lifespan of products. And we are happy to share this knowledge and experience, because together we are stronger. Together, we can take steps in the right direction better and faster.


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