Specialty fabrics to meet your needs

Specialty fabrics

At TenCate, we’re proud to offer our customers numerous choices in fabric formation including weaving, knitting, coating and needle punching yarns which may be monofilament, multifilament, slit tapes, or chopped staple fibers.

Our vast line of synthetic products are made from a variety of polymers, or base raw materials. Polypropylene (PP) has long been our work horse, but we also make use of polyethylene (PE), polyester (PET), specialty yarns, and PVC to present an unparalleled offering to the market. TenCate industrial fabrics are produced at our manufacturing plants in Asia, the US and Europe.

Our specialties inputs


Many customer ask us why most of our fabrics are made from polypropylene. The answer is simple. Polypropylene yarns offer our customers the best combination of strength, durability, and economy available in industrial fabrics. Compared to most other fibers, polypropylene is longer-lasting.  Polypropylene fabrics provide maximum strength, durability and dimensional stability, while being lighter weight than their more expensive counterparts. So light that it actually floats. Polypropylene fiber provides greater coverage per pound than any other fiber. It is highly resistant to mechanical abuse and chemical attack.


Polyester fabrics are easy to handle. The pliability and light weight of the polyester fabric makes life easier for both the fabricator and end user. They stand the test of time under the toughest conditions and use. Polyester fibers have very high strength and are resistant to shrinking and stretching. The fabrics will not absorb moisture or rot due to mildew. They are resistant to most chemicals, and have an extremely high melting point. The yarns are slick and the fabrics may require special weaving to assure dimensional stability.


Polyethylene fibers have a low specific gravity, extremely low moisture regain, the same tensile strength wet and dry, and are resistant to attack by mildew and insects. These qualities have made polyethylene fiber suitable for industrial applications. Polyethylene offers a unique drapability along with a softer hand. Polyethylene is inherently UV resistant to provide durability and longevity in outdoor use.

PVC coated polyester

A blend of high tenacity polyester with a PVC coating provides excellent strength , UV protection, and abrasion resistance. When heat set, the PVC bonds to itself creating a very dimensionally stable and durable fabric.

Polyethylene coated fabrics

Coated fabrics made of polyethylene raw materials have many advantages over other materials. The fabrics (or better: membranes) as we manufacture them have a basic structure that consists out of a high strength woven fabric with an impermeable coating on both sides. Polyethylene membranes give the best UV-protection, are rot proof, mildew proof and are resistant to vertically all known types of chemical attacks.

Specialty yarns / coating / additives

Besides our standard yarns and coatings, we also use specialty input materials for specialty applications. Depending on strength (e.g. pulling nets), use requirements (e.g. outdoor shade cloth), process requirements (e.g. 3D fabrics), regulation (e.g. manure storage liners) we use special yarns, coatings or additives.

As mentioned in the introduction, we use these inputs to extrude, weave, knit, needle punch, coat or laminate specialty fabrics to serve the needs of our customers. We do that in widths up to 6m depending on the manufacturing technology or even wider when they are fabricated to size and in almost any length you want.

Your specialty fabric

As you can see, there are many ways to look at a fabric. In case you have a specialty application please do not hesitate to contact us. Let our research and development team work with you to design a product that is perfect for your particular application. We look forward talking to you!

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