TenCate woven air filtration fabrics

Specialty fabrics

TenCate develops and produces materials to increase performance, reduce costs and deliver measurable  results by working with our customers to provide advanced solutions. As a global leader in industrial fabrics, TenCate has a wide range of industrial fabrics to offer including products for the air filtration market. Our ongoing relationship with industry experts allows TenCate to continually develop innovative fabrics for the growing needs of our customers.


Created from monofilament polyolefin yarn, TenCate Industrial Fabrics feature a synthetic filter fabric woven directly into two and three-dimensional fabrics for use in air filters. Polyolefin yarn is ideal for this process. The inherent electrostatic charge found in polyolefin captures airborne particles and makes fabric resistant to attack by many chemicals and microorganisms.


TenCate’s industry and technical knowledge stands unmatched in expertise, engineering and market history. We extrude our own monofilament, allowing us to produce yarn with additives for color,  antibacterial/antifungal properties and UV stabilizers. Beyond our high production capacity, our state of the art finishing department provides a variety of options to meet your needs.

THE DIFFERENCE TenCate Woven Air Filtration Fabrics Make:

  • Finishing versatility within a broad range of permeability ratings.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Monofilament extrusion process enables custom design and tailored media for varying technical requirements.
  • Customized to meet your material handling needs by offering a wide range of woven widths, slit widths and roll lengths.
  • Capable of weaving a wide variety of patterns and constructions to achieve specific results.

Our three-dimensional fabrics are designed for good air flow and increase turbulence to improve filtration.

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