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TenCate develops and produces materials to increase performance, reduce costs and deliver measurable  results by working with our customers to provide advanced solutions. TenCate Industrial Fabrics is a leading manufacturer of woven, nonwoven and knitted specialty materials. Utilized throughout the world, our fabrics are used in a wide variety of applications including construction containment fabrics.


The leading developer of industrial fabrics, TenCate manufactures construction containment fabrics for use in new-build or renovation projects. Designed to protect all building projects, TenCate’s containment fabric facilitates the successful completion of highly complex projects. The air-permeable fabric features tightly woven mesh, which manages the damaging effects of dust particles, rain, fumes and debris. TenCate’s containment fabrics feature smooth water resistant surfaces. The innovative mesh fabric prevents rain damage even in wind-driven rain, as only a thin mist is evident inside the fabric. Adding ventilation to disperse excess air and pressure, TenCate’s construction containment fabrics facilitate the successful completion of sand and sandblasting projects. By venting away paint fumes, TenCate’s containment fabrics solve ventilation issues created by the industrial painting process. In addition,  TenCate manufactures a white, flame retardant, woven polypropylene fabric for sandblasting curtains and containment enclosures. Whatever your needs may be, TenCate can manufacture the ideal fabric to contain your construction projects.


In order to solve your scaffolding containment issues, TenCate develops a wide variety of knitted, black polyethylene fabrics. Featuring a quick installation process, these durable and flexible knitted fabrics function successfully without prefabrication.


TenCate offers comprehensive service that includes assistance during design and specification. With extensive knowledge and great customer service, TenCate makes the difference.

THE DIFFERENCE TenCate Construction Containment Fabrics make:

  • Made from woven polypropylene fabric.
  • Designed to protect from dust particles, wind-driven rain, fumes and debris.
  • Ideal for use in sand, sandblasting, industrial painting and large building projects.
  • Air-permeable tightly woven mesh ideal for ventilation purposes.
  • Woven containment enclosures are mildew and rot resistant, lightweight and durable.

Knit scaffolding containment fabrics do not require fabrication.

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