Sport layers - Base Pro separation fabric


During the installation of a turf system, there is a clear need for separation fabrics to keep the functional layers of the base construction divided. TenCate is offering the Base Pro, a mechanically bonded continues filament non-woven made of 100% UV stabilized polypropylene.

Base Pro is certified according to NOCNSF.M11, a standard by KIWA ISA Sport.


  • The mechanical properties of the Base Pro guarantee extreme resistance to installation damage, excellent hydraulic properties and outstanding long term performance.
  • Stabilizes base course over low bearing capacity sub grades.
  • Provides excellent tensile strength and elongation properties.
  • Maintains the function of drainage systems.
  • Offers high permeability to water and retains finest soil particles.
  • Provides high long-term resistance and robustness.


  • Base pro is especially suited as a separator in sub grade artificial turf systems.
  • Base Pro is also used as a protective fabric between the turf and the sub base.

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