Nicolon shade & protection netting


Shade fabric screens

Nicolon Shade Cloth Fabrics shade horticultural plants grown in commercial nurseries and greenhouses. Manufactured in widths ranging from six to 17 feet (1.80 to 5.20m), Nicolon shade cloth fabrics add beneficial cover for agricultural crops and livestock and can also function as industrial debris nets.



Hail protection nets

Nicolon hail protection nets give optimal protection against hail and wind and at the same time protect against insects and birds. The nets come in a width of 4 or 5 meters. Advantages are light weight nets, robust and firm and easy to install. Please contact us for more information.



Windbreak nets

Nicolon windbreak nets protect your crop, are robust, flexible and light weight and therefore easy to install. The nets ensure that most of the wind is stopped. In addition to the wind reduction, the wind net also creates shade.



Insect screens

Nicolon insect screen fabrics feature woven polyethylene developed specifically for use in insect screening and bee cage applications. This unique fabric protects against and confines insects. Available with opening size dimensions ranging from 11 to 56 mils (0.3 to 1.4mm) and manufactured in six foot widths (1.8m), Nicolon insect screen fabrics shield against insects in a variety of applications.



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