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This position will manage commercial prospection, customer management and marketing activities for TenCate Geosynthetic EMEA business opportunities in the Agricultural / Horticultural market of the Industrial Fabrics Business Unit.  This position is responsible for ensuring the realization of turnover and margin objectives thanks to sales and marketing activities. Includes overall market management as well as detailed knowledge of the Agricultural / Horticultural market related to pricing, customer needs and product development.   


Market : Horticulture / Agriculture is a market part of TenCate Industrial Fabrics which is a commercial division of TenCate Geosynthetics and supplies products and solutions for agricultural, recreational and specialty markets.

TenCate Geosynthetics has a global production platform, commercial and technical organization and has successfully consolidated and developed core markets to maximize value for customers.  TenCate Geosynthetics serves the market globally with two commercial divisions - TenCate Geosynthetics and TenCate Industrial Fabrics.

Through the processing of synthetic raw materials, we develop, manufacture, and provide innovative and reliable industrial technical textiles that enhance the performance of our customers’ products.

Geography: EMEA


Directly Reports to:  EMEA Commercial Director – TenCate Industrial Fabrics.



  • Responsible for realization of the Net Sales and Margin budgets for this specific market
  • Realisation of the Sales and Marketing plan
  • Responsible for the definition of the country and region policies
  • Maintaining and developing the price policy
  • Support the distributor, trainings, etc.


  • Responsible for the development of product range, the general availability and all relevant tools and services in respect to ensure the sales success
  • Midterm and short-term overall planning and budgeting in the TenCate manufacturing operation and sourcing operation including forecast


  • Responsible for market research and observation of the competition
  • Development of technical and sales arguments
  • Development and implementation of the Marketing Plans
  • Specific lobbying activities
  • Planning / Development and Realisation of Advertising
  • Solving of complaints
  • Substitute to other agricultural markets employees.


  • BSc. degree from an accredited college/university -
  • 5+ years of Agricultural / Horticultural experience in a business to business environment, and leading global manufacturing organizations
  • Strong business development background
  • English is a must, another language like German or French is a plus
  • Demonstrated management and communication skills
  • Able to travel approximately 40% - 50%, some international


Skills in Microsoft office (Power point, Excell ) and all IT programs in general including social medias

Vision / judgement:  shares a clear vision based on own reviews and/or Commercial Director strategy . Propose or apply strategic objectives in the medium and long term. Assess situations based on relevant and concrete information (including opinions and feelings) and form an opinion to act adequately.

Results-oriented / performance driven:  Takes concrete and focused actions to achieve explicitly formulated goals. Focuses, despite difficulties or distractions, to achieve the desired result.

Collaborative and consultative:  Contributes to a common result through the alignment of personal qualities and interests of those in the group and/or others. Consults and involves others in making decisions or performing tasks. Promotes cooperation and team spirit, and adapts where necessary.

Interpersonally sensitive:  Is aware of attitudes, feelings, circumstances and needs of others. Empathizes with others and is also aware of the influence of their own actions and behavior on others.

Integrity: Uses generally accepted social and ethical standards in the work. Is reliable and takes responsibility for own actions. Is honest and respectful with information and the personal values of others. Is not susceptible to fraudulent behavior in their professional and personal lives.

Adaptive / flexible:  Adjusts own behavior quickly and positively to changing circumstances and in responding to changing partners. Is flexible towards new ideas and plans and accepts that things change with some regularity. Can well handle uncertain and ambiguous situations in order to achieve goals.

Organizationally disciplined: Acts in accordance with the policies / procedures / rules of the organization.

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